Meet the Team: Lea Rosenberry

Monday, March 11, 2019

Let's learn more about one of the most recent additions to the ITLD team: Lea Rosenberry!

Q: What is your role here at ITLD and what subjects are you responsible for?
A: She is an IT Training Specialist in charge of delivering training for the Zoom and Kaltura services.

Q: Where did you work/what did you do before joining ITLD?
A: Lea taught the subject of mathematics online for Purdue Global over a period of fourteen years. Before that, she got experience teaching online for a community college.

Q: What are your interests outside of teaching and learning design?
A: In her own words, Lea enjoys “repurposing old, imperfect things.” She is a fan of the primitive style of home décor and spends some of her free time doing home improvement, shopping for antiques at flea markets and craft fairs, etc.

Q: What is something about you that isn’t obvious on the surface?
A: Depending upon the time of year, Lea is either a news junkie or fixed to the Hallmark channel. She is also a big fan of snow.

Q: Favorite place you have ever been?
A: London was Lea’s first trip abroad as an adult, and she thoroughly enjoyed the double-decker buses.

Q: Favorite book/play/movie/TV show?
A: When not in the holiday season, Lea helps satisfy her home improvement cravings with the HGTV channel on television.

Q: What do you want to be when you grow up? / What would you like to be famous for?
A: Her ideal career would be as a professional philanthropist of sorts. She would love to help guide people, not just financially but in all ways.

Q: What is something else we should know about you?
A: Lea loves her two dogs: a golden doodle and a shih tzu.