This hands-on workshop provides participants with a general, conceptual overview of the IBIS Financial System on the mainframe, or CCOM. This session will explore IBIS financial concepts, such as sub-accounting, posting, and reporting.


  • Identify sub-accounting concepts, including cost centers and sub-objects
  • Create, Maintain, and End cost centers (UCCA)
  • Set Overdraft controls (UDOD)
  • Encumber financial transactions to University accounts (UENC)
  • Maintain encumbrances and tiebacks (UENC)
  • Resolve FANS on forms and batch details (CRFN)
  • Update Department Free Space and Description (UDFS)
  • View transaction details (budget/income/expense) on University accounts
  • Utilize mainframe reporting (ICAG, ISTR, BEAD)
  • Redistribute funds among cost centers (RACC, RECC, RBCC)
  • Display and correct posting errors (BCDE)

Prerequisite(s): IBIS access is required and an assigned Secure-ID token must be brought to the session to participate; Penn State Financial: Intro to IBIS Electronic Forms Processing (IBIS) or equivalent knowledge and skills in processing EASY electronic forms.

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Live Training: In-Person
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Penn State Financial System