This resource shows the steps to bolster your LinkedIn network at Penn State.

Take advantage of LinkedIn to build your Penn State network. Use the steps below as a guide to boost your LinkedIn profile, and build and maintain your professional network at Penn State and beyond!


Step 1: Update Your Headshot

Take or pick an up-to-date professional-looking photo that looks like the most recent version of you and add the photo to your Linkedin Profile! Check out LinkedIn's 10 Tips for Picking the Right LinkedIn Profile Picture for more tips and information.


Step 2: Explore LinkedIn and LinkedIn Learning at Penn State to Enhance Your Profile

Explore the following options to fill out your LinkedIn profile and make strong connections with your colleagues at Penn State:


Step 3: Connect with Colleagues

Follow the tips below to build your network using LinkedIn and make your connections more personal:

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Type of Training: 
Training Topic: 
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LinkedIn Learning