A resource to help students get started using Kaltura in their Canvas courses.

Introduction to Kaltura

Kaltura is Penn State’s enterprise-level, cloud-based media management platform for storing, publishing, and streaming videos, video collections, and other rich media such as audio recordings and images via your computer or mobile device. You can access Kaltura features and tools via your Canvas course or through the Penn State MediaSpace Portal.

What is the Penn State MediaSpace Portal?

MediaSpace is a Penn State service that allows you to create and share media with anyone you choose. You can use MediaSpace as a central repository to host videos which can be embedded on a website, added to a personal channel, or shared via social media. Under our Kaltura license, we have unlimited capacity, so you can use it for your courses, portfolio, clubs, etc. without any bandwidth or storage limitations.

What Can I Do with Kaltura?

With Kaltura, you can create, upload, and manage your Canvas course-related media either through your Canvas course or through the Penn State MediaSpace Portal. This quick start guide walks you through the basics of using Kaltura in Canvas, including how to:

  • Manage your media across courses.
  • Add media to the course Media Gallery.
  • Submit a Kaltura video assignment.
  • Submit a Kaltura interactive video quiz.

Penn State Terms and Conditions

Kaltura is available for official University purposes, such as departmental assets, course content, and other work representative of the Penn State community. Please become familiar with the complete set of Penn State Terms and Conditions regarding using Kaltura at Penn State.

Manage Kaltura Media Across Courses via My Media

The My Media page is your private video repository where you can manage your personal media content across all your courses. From the My Media page, you can upload existing media, create new media, edit media, create video clips, and delete media from your repository.

Access My Media in MediaSpace

If your instructor has not enabled the My Media link in your Canvas course, you can access your My Media page by logging in to Penn State’s MediaSpace Portal at https://psu.mediaspace.kaltura.com/, clicking your name in the upper right, and selecting My Media from the drop-down menu.

Access My Media in Canvas

If enabled by your instructor in your course, you may access My Media from the My Media link in the course navigation menu.

Click the My Media link in the course navigation menu.

Figure 1: My Media link in the course navigation menu

Add Media to Your My Media Page

To add media to your My Media page:

  1. Click My Media in the course navigation.
  2. Click the Add New button in the upper right.
  3. The Add New menu appears.

The Add New menu options.
Figure 2: Add New menu options

  1. Select one of the following options:
    • YouTube: Import a public YouTube video.
    • Express Capture: Record and upload content from a web page directly in your browser using Kaltura Express Capture.
    • Kaltura Capture: Record a webcam video or screencast with Kaltura’s web and screen recorder called Kaltura Capture.
    • Video Quiz: Upload a video quiz you previously created in Kaltura.
    • Media Upload: Upload an existing video from your computer.

TIP: For more information on using Kaltura Capture, watch the video Kaltura: Creating New Media with Kaltura Capture.

Search, Filter and Delete Media

For information searching, filtering, and deleting content on your My Media page in Canvas, watch the Kaltura video How to Use My Media.

NOTE: Students do not have the option to publish media to galleries, courses, or shared repositories as demonstrated in this video.

Edit Media

After uploading media to your My Media page, you can edit the title and description, or add tags. Adding tags will make it easier for you to find media using Kaltura’s keyword search feature. You can also use the Kaltura editor to trim, clip, chop, and splice media.

Add Media to the Course Media Gallery

What is the Course Media Gallery?

The Course Media Gallery is a searchable gallery of media content specific to a Canvas course. If your instructor has decided to use the Course Media Gallery in your Canvas course, you will see a "Media Gallery" link in the course navigation menu on the left side of the page.

What Can I Do in the Course Media Gallery?

You can view approved content, browse and search the Media Gallery, add media, and remove media that was added by you. Any media you add to the Media Gallery is viewable to all students and instructors in the course.

If your instructor has decided to moderate content published to the Media Gallery, your content will not appear until the instructor approves it.

Your instructor can configure settings, moderate the content added to the Media Gallery, remove content from the Media Gallery, and access the Media Gallery Analytics page.

Watch a Video

Try out the interactive features of the Kaltura video player, such as in-video search, dual screen controls, and picture-in-picture with the Kaltura video Kaltura Interactive Video Player.

NOTE: Videos made available to students in Canvas are FERPA compliant and subject to the Penn State policies regarding copyright and intellectual property rights. For more information about what is copyright-protected and information about fair use, visit the Penn State Copywrite Portal. Copyright infringement is a violation of academic integrity according to Penn State’s Student Code of Conduct and may result in your Penn State account being locked.

Add Media to the Course Media Gallery

  1. Click the Media Gallery link in the course navigation menu on the left side of the page.
  2. Select the Media tab.
  3. Click the + Add Media button in the upper right of the page.
  4. On the Add Media page, use the checkboxes to the left of the media to select the video you would like to add. The chechboxes for any videos that have already been uploaded will display with a gray checkmark.
  5. Click the Publish button in the upper right of the page.

Submit a Video Assignment

Your instructor may create an assignment that requires you to upload existing media or use Kaltura’s screen and webcam recorder to create a new video or audio recording. Use the instructions below to submit a video assignment in Canvas using Kaltura media.

NOTE: You can add Kaltura media anywhere you see the Embed Kaltura Media option in the Canvas Rich Content Editor (RCE).

TIP: To embed Kaltura media in a discussion post, click Reply to make the RCE appear.

  1. Navigate to the assignment that requires embedding a Kaltura video.
  2. Read the assignment instructions.
  3. Click the Submit Assignment button in the upper right.

Submit assignment button
Figure 3: Submit assignment button

  1. Click the Text Entry tab below.
  2. Click the More External Tools icon ( More External Tools icon ) and select Embed Kaltura Media in the RCE.

The Embed Kaltura Media option in the Rich Content Editor.
Figure 4: Embed Kaltura Media in the Rich Content Editor

Add new media or select existing media on the Embed Kaltura Media screen.
Figure 5: Add new media or select existing media on your My Media page.

NOTE: See the section in this document titled “Add Media to Your My Media Page” for the information on how to upload new media.

  1. In the Embed Kaltura Media dialog box, you can either 1) add new media by clicking the Add New drop-down and making a selection or 2) select existing media on your Media Gallery page by clicking the Embed button that appears to the right of the media.
  1. The Embed Kaltura Media window closes and the video appears in the Rich Content Editor text box.
  2. Click the Play button to test the media.
  3. Add any comments you would like your instructor to see in the Comments text box.

Embedded video in the Rich Context Editor text box in an assignment.
Figure 6: Video displaying in the Rick Content Editor text box with the Submit Assignment button highlighted

  1. Click Submit Assignment.

Submit a Video Quiz

Your instructor may choose to create a Kaltura interactive quiz in your Canvas course. A video quiz made with Kaltura embeds questions within the video. As you watch the video quiz, the questions will appear at the chosen points. Your instructor chooses whether you can repeat sections, skip questions, revise answers, get hints, or view the correct answers.

For more information on taking video quizzes, review the Kaltura documentation Take a Video Quiz.

Kaltura MediaSpace Go (KMS Go) Mobile App

The KMS Go Mobile application provides you with an intuitive and enjoyable way to watch, create and interact with media on-the-go. For more information, please review the KMS Go Quick Start Guide for iPhone or the KMS Go Quick Start Guide for Android/Google.

NOTE: You can also create and interact with Kaltura media via the Canvas Student mobile application.

Training and Support

Visit the Kaltura Learning Center, Kaltura’s video portal, to watch short how-to videos on how to use Kaltura. For assistance with Kaltura, students can contact the Penn State Service Desk at 814-865-HELP (4357), via email itservicedesk@psu.edu or via the web http://www.itservicedesk.psu.edu/ .

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