LinkedIn Learning (LIL), an online platform offering video courses taught by industry experts, can help increase your technology, creative, and business skills. LIL analyzes industry trends, job postings, and user activity to ensure content remains relevant. content is still available on LinkedIn Learning.

You can connect your Penn State LinkedIn Learning account to your personal LinkedIn account for a more personalized experience across LinkedIn and LinkedIn Learning. Benefits include:

  • The ability to upload your LinkedIn Learning course completion certificates to your LinkedIn profile to showcase your skills.
  • Recommended profile updates and jobs based on the skills you identified when connecting your accounts.
  • LinkedIn Learning course recommendations.

Upon graduation, if you are employed by a company that uses LinkedIn Learning or decide to continue your access through a paid subscription, your data from your Penn State LinkedIn Learning account will be migrated to your new LinkedIn Learning account.

Log In and Set Up Your Account

  1. Go to:
  2. Click the log in button in upper right.
  3. Log in to your Penn State Web Access Account (ie: abc123), if necessary.
  4. Choose one of the options on the Welcome pop up that appears:
    1. Connect my Linkedin Account
      • Then follow the prompts to connect your account
    2. Continue without LinkedIn

You can choose to Connect your LinkedIn profile to your Penn State LinkedIn Learning account, or not.

Figure 1: Choose if you want to connect your LinkedIn account
  1. Click Sounds Good on the Welcome to LinkedIn Learning Page.
  2. Choose topics of interest on the following pages to receive content recommendations.

Navigate the LinkedIn Learning Interface

The navigation bar at the top of the screen is always displayed and provides the following navigation options:
Description in the text below
Figure 2: The LinkedIn Learning Navigation Bar

  1. Click the LinkedIn Learning logo at any time to return to your home page.
  2. Click the Browse icon to view a drop-down menu of LIL topics.
  3. Enter keywords in the Search field to find LIL courses and content matching your search term.
  4. Click the Home icon at any time to return to your home page.
  5. Click the In Progress icon to see any courses you are currently working on.
  6. Click the Saved icon to see any LIL content you have saved.
  7. Click the Me icon to view your account settings and review your LIL content.
  8. Click the Penn State logo to view collections or other recommendations by other Penn State users.


Goodbye Playlists, Hello Collections

Collections are lists of courses and videos and have the same functionality as playlists in Lynda.  If you created playlists in Lynda, they will automatically migrate to LinkedIn Learning as collections. Be sure to update any shared or saved Lynda links to LinkedIn Learning. For more information about creating collections, see the KB article LinkedIn Learning: Create a Collection.


Share Content

LIL makes it easy to share content or collections with others. You can share content via link, embed code, or via your LinkedIn network. See the articles below for directions:


Upload Your Certificate of Completion to Your LinkedIn Profile

You can show off your skills to future employers by adding completion certificates to your LinkedIn Profile if you’ve linked your account to LinkedIn Learning. Please refer to the KB Article LinkedIn Learning: Access Your Penn State LinkedIn Learning Account and Connect a LinkedIn Profile to learn how to connect your accounts.

  1. Navigate to the LinkedIn Learning  (opens in new window) and log in with your credentials if necessary.
  2. Click In Progress along the top of the web page, in the navigation bar.
    The In Progress icon in the LIL Navigation looks like a clock
    Figure 3: In Progress in the LinkedIn Learning Navigation Bar.
  3. Click the Learning History tab below your LinkedIn profile thumbnail. This page displays all your completed courses from LIL.
    The learning history tab is highlighted on the In Progress page
    Figure 4: The Learning History Tab.
  4. Browse through the course thumbnails to find the completed course for which you wish to obtain the certificate.
  5. From here you have three options:
  • Click the Share link to share your completed certificate with your LinkedIn social media network.
  • Click the Add to Profile link to share to your LinkedIn profile and add the skills associated with that course to your LinkedIn profile.
  • Click the Download Certificate link at the far right of the course listing to download a pdf copy of your certificate.  Save the pdf copy to a desired location and print it for your records.
    The three options for sharing (Share, Add to Profile and Download certificate) are displayed under a completed course's thumbnail
    Figure 5: The options for obtaining your certificate of completion (Share, Add to Profile, and Download certificate) next to the course thumbnail


Additional Resources

For more details about using LinkedIn Learning, visit the LinkedIn Learning: Learning Path

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