A brief guide to getting started with Outlook Online at Penn State (online and printable). For Penn State retirees with benefits and emeritus faculty.


Welcome to Your New Penn State Email!

Penn State email is now in Outlook as part of Microsoft Office 365.

If you're a retiree with benefits, or an emeritus faculty member, your WebMail or UCS email account has been migrated to Outlook.  Access your email, contacts, calendar and tasks either online, using Outlook Online, or on your mobile device by downloading the Outlook Mobile app to your phone, tablet, or other device.  You'll find your existing WebMail or UCS emails in your Outlook Inbox (unless you stored your email locally – in Eudora or Thunderbird, for example).

NOTE: Emeritus faculty members have access to the full Office 365 list of applications, and can also access their email, calendar, contacts, and tasks using the Outlook desktop application.

About Office 365 Outlook Online

Outlook Online provides a way to manage your Email, Calendar, and Contacts all in one easy-to-access application, from your computer.

Outlook applications for Mobile Devices allow you to do the same from your phone or other mobile device.  You can download the Outlook app for your iPhone or iPad from the App Store, or download it to your Android or Windows device from Google Apps.

Getting Started

This quick-start guide demonstrates how to:

You will need:

Log In to Your Penn State Outlook Email Account

Your Penn State email will open in Outlook Online.

Navigate the Outlook Online Email Interface

Outlook Email Interface

  1. This is your Outlook Inbox. Any incoming email messages display in this folder.
  2. This is your list of messages within a folder. Click on a message to see its full content.
  3. Click the New message button to create a new email message.
  4. Click the Reply (left arrow), Reply All (double left arrow), or Forward (-->) icons to respond to an email.
  5. Click the Calendar icon to go to your calendar.
  6. Click the ellipsis to go to People (contacts) or Tasks (to-do list).
  7. Click the Settings (gear) icon to view/change Settings.
  8. Click the Notification (bell) icon to see notifications.
  9. Search for content, contacts, and tasks in this field.

Navigate the Outlook Online Calendar Interface

Outlook Calendar Interface

  1. Click on a block of time to create an event or appointment at that time.
  2. You can also click the New event button to create an event.
  3. Change how your calendar displays. View your calendar by Day, School Week, Week, or Month.
  4. This bar shows the hours of the day.
  5. Use these arrows to flip ahead or go back in your calendar.
  6. Click a date to jump to that date on your calendar.
  7. Click Share to share your calendar with other Outlook users.
  8. Click the weather icon to see the weather forecasted for that day.
  9. Click the Email (envelope) icon to go back to your Outlook Email.

Navigate the Outlook Online People (Contacts) Interface

Outlook People or Contacts Interface

  1. This is your list of contacts. Click on a contact to see more contact information.
  2. Click the New contact button to add a new contact to your list.
  3. See all available information about a contact to the right of the contact list.
  4. Click Send email to send them an email from this screen.
  5. Click the Email (envelope) icon to go back to your Outlook Email.
  6. Click the Calendar icon to go back to your Outlook Calendar.

Navigate the Outlook Online Tasks Interface

Tasks is an added Outlook feature that allows you to create, edit, and manage tasks you wish to track and complete. Create a To-Do list or track items from your email.

Outlook Tasks Interface

  1. Click New to create a new task.
  2. Hover your cursor over a task and click the trashcan icon to delete a task.
  3. Select a checkbox when you complete a task.
  4. Flagged items and tasks include any flagged items from your Outlook email and any tasks you have entered.

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