You may find that specific apps in Google Workspace are more effective for your needs compared to Office 365. If you decide to switch, follow the guides below to learn more about transferring your existing O365 files to Google and perform familiar functions in each app.


Switching to a Google Workspace App from Office 365

If you are familiar with Microsoft Office apps, but love the idea of working in a fully web-based collaborative environment, Google's guides will help you transition to Google Workspace. The guides below list common functions performed in each MS Office app, alongside the instructions for performing the same tasks in the Google app.

Work With Microsoft Office Files

You may need to work with Microsoft Office 365 files in Google Workspace or send someone a document you created in Google Workspace as an Office 365 file. Find out how to accomplish either task with Google’s guide for working with Microsoft Office files.


Switching to a Google Workspace App from Another Penn State Service

Google has apps that are comparable to other Penn State Services outside of Office 365. Check out the guides below to learn how Google Workspace can perform similar functions to Box and Zoom.

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